La Salute con l'Occlusione Muscolare

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A correct occlusion can actually make you healthier.
Craniomandibular dysfunction , tmj pain and disorders , from auto-rehabilitated patients

For details about MALOCCLUSION , TMJ DISORDERS and METHOD please write us:  : Valsecchi Adriana

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from 1993 Europa, 22
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A.P.P.I.M. is an Association of Patients with Mandibular Problems ( TMJ symptoms and disorders ) 
Tel. ++39 02 76002613 – Fax ++39 02 7610044

The Association was made in Milano on Jan 26, 1993 by a maloccluded patient and has no profit finality.

A.P.P.I.M. wishes to inform the pubblic of maloccluded patients about a muscolar system of control of the mandible based on simple muscular manoeuvres of the mandible itself.

You may read all about this method in the book “The Theory of Muscular Occlusion” of Valsecchi, edited in Milano.

The authoress of this book is a patient who since childhood has suffered from problem stemming from a temporo-mandibular dysfunction, that became acute in adulthood. Not satisfied with the work of the specialists she proceeded on her own with the task of rehabilitation, with the desire to recover the normal function of her own mandible. She was able to identify the control mechanisms of mandibular movement, the system to find the correct position, the logic behind certain muscular reactions as well the connections with some physical disorders.

Deciding to experiment on herself was a useful way of evaluating each muscular reaction to the full, attempting to find all possible counter-proofs in order to transform the experimentation into a most useful diagnostic and rehabilitative tool. What resulted is a theory which aims to obtain muscle sensations equal in both the rehabilitated and the normal mandibles. The descriptions which illustrate these tests are deliberately reported detail to facilitate the most critical examination.

The purchase of the book entitles you to one free control of the occlusion in Milano, where you will be told in detail about your problem, about the wrong direction taken by your mandible and about the correct execution of the muscular manoeuvres.

The cost of the book is Euro € 100,00 (language : italian)

The author of the book was a maloccluded patient and is now the best example of a self-rehabilitated patient.


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