La Salute con l'Occlusione Muscolare

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Original on left side, Balanced (hypothesis) on right side.

Original on left side, Balanced (hypothesis) on right side.


An asymmetrical face, which is characterized by muscles wasting, drooping mouth corners and strained and uncomfortable facial expressions, is typically the result  of an unbalanced bite.

By simply wearing an occlusal lower splint and balancing it as we explain in our book, videos and lectures, we can notice a new face expression, bolder eyes, lips and cheeks muscles tone improved and generally a good feeling. Also the mind gains strength  and serenity by a well balanced mouth.

Does it mean that emotions and mind are representations of wellness or discomfort coming from a symmetrical or asymmetrical body? Maybe facial features denote the characteristics of the occlusion? Does  facial expression denote the feelings produced by an emotional disturbed- by- teeths experience?

Could all the people  live a peaceful and healthy life if they had a well balanced teeth and so a well balanced body?

Often negative thoughts  result from brain interconnections and not from emotional causes or stress and this physical cause automatically develops into facial expressions easy to read.

The same happens with positive feelings: they result from not disturbed physiological connections, for example from a well balanced jaw.

An unbalanced bite forces the person to behave in a certain manner. It’s a kind of psycho-emotional conviction.

When we observe a person we should avoid  giving an immediate and rushed opinion, we should rather study his posture (starting from the teeth) and understand that his/her  behavior depends on  an occlusion that has disrupted his/her attitudes.

However it is easiest to condemn and  blame someone for his  bad temper, old age or inner demons.

No one would like to attribute behavior and facial expression to a mouth disorder.

This is how APPIM (Association of auto-rehabilitated patients) addresses these facts.
And yet wickedness, aggressiveness, anxiety and depression  have all the same origin.

(In picture balance hypothesis. . Note the diversity of facial expression and accordingly, dental occlusion).

[C.M./A.V.]  English version by courtesy of  Iris Brand 





The teeth are the gear that supports our body.

The teeth (and mouth) are the first organs of the digestive system. They keep the jaw stable, they enable us  to chew, to taste, to swallow and to speak. The teeth create face aesthetic.

Unfortunately many focus only on the aesthetic and not on their functional role.

There are other important functions related to the teeth. Let’s get knowing them better because they support the neuromuscular system balance, which is the basis of several activities like  walking, doing different sports and even resting. The balance of human body  is negatively affected by a not aligned jaw. This condition affects the body skeletal attitude, the personality , the facial and eyes expression.

The balance of the jaw is set by the height of the teeth. The delicate teeth mechanism enables skeleton and muscles to function harmoniously, assuming that the ‘gear teeth’ is appropriate and not compromised. Teeth were not designed by chance, as well as all the other organs.

Certain anatomical features should not be distorted in rehabilitation phase  and the teeth should not be anatomically invented.

There is no need to change what has already been well designed by Nature. The teeth are not bowling to play with.  Every upper palatinal cuspid , every  side of the upper or lower guide has a reason to exist; but their inclination and height must comply with a balanced muscular movement of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Upper palatinal cuspid

Upper palatinal cuspid

Mrs. Adriana Valsecchi, moving from these primary requirements and  aiming to change  the vision of “Health” meant not as something to ‘consume’ but something to manage independently with the assistance of  professional staff ,  having successfully experimented on herself  self-rehabilitation,  founded in Milan on 01/26/1993 a not profit association called A.P.P.I.M., to make sure that nothing was lost .

She wrote a book as well, called “Teoria di Occlusione Muscolare” (Milano, 1993 1°ed.) and she created a website together with other rehabilitated patients, helping those who  were discouraged by their debilitating symptoms.

There are 4 muscular tests (Appim muscular tests) that  help us to  verify if  the occlusion is anatomically adequate. A single test is able to report malocclusion and to make clear that  stiff neck, arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, ear disorders or limping are the consequences of unbalanced jaw, asymmetric contacts between the teeth.

  1. When closing your mouth do your lips form a parallel  imaginary line compared to the line of your eyes?

  2. When smiling do your muscles differ between the left and right side of your face?

  3. Are your shoulders perfectly aligned between the two sides?

  4. On the workout bar, while being suspended (gripping the bar with your hands): Do all your posterior teeth (premolars and molars) contact at the same time if you lightly tap them?

Try to feel your teeth contact!

 Let’s learn to observe ourselves, our lips, our muscles, our teeth position, our bite, if it is normal, open or deep bite..

 Appim is the first and only group in the world that developed a method for  occlusal balance in order to maintain a straight and healthy body over time, strengthening mental  and physical  energy.

All this can be reached just working on teeth heights in a perfect manner. We are transforming people mentality, we guarantee a healthy living , a correct  posture and a balanced character over time.

[C.M. / English translation by Iris Brand] 

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